Happy Places

5 Ways to Find Your Happy Place


You know you are in your happy place when you feel good. It is that spot where you can go to boost your mood or reframe your thoughts towards something more positive. You can have one or more happy places. And some of them may even be actual places or destinations where you can find the balance you need. Here are some ways to find yours.

1. Keep moving.
An idle mind and body is breeding ground for negativity. Get your daily dose of endorphins by squeezing in exercise or any physical activity in your routine.

2. Spend time in a beautiful place.
Visit a park or garden where you can surround yourself with nature’s beauty. Take the time to simply enjoy the scenery.

3. Do something for the first time.
When was the last time you felt happy doing something for the first time? Work on your bucket list or create one if you still have not gotten around to doing it. You might be surprised by just how much you can accomplish by slowly ticking off the things you have long wanted to do.

4. Go somewhere you have not been to.
Take a different route to work or go for a walk on trails you have never been to. Going to places where you have not been to before make for some interesting discoveries.

5. Share moments with family and friends.
Spend time with family or get in touch with friends you have not seen for a long. Make time for face-to-face conversations and share moments with people that matter most to you.