Common Opportunistic Infections related to HIV

Opportunistic infections (OIs) are conditions that take advantage of a weakened immune system. Weakened immune systems could be caused by certain drugs, for example, the ones that treat cancer. Or they could be a result of HIV-infection. Since the introduction of antiretroviral therapy, there has been a general decline of OIs. But this doesn’t mean… Read More »

What is Tenvir EM and How Does It Work

Tenvir-EM tablets are a settled measurement blend treatment for Human Immunodeficiency Infection contamination in grown-ups over age 18. Tenvir-EM tablets are utilized mix with different medicines that have an alternate instrument of activity to the parts in Tenvir-EM, and are utilized to treat patients who have either officially gotten treatment with different meds for HIV… Read More »

Worldwide AIDS Facts and Statistics

HIV/AIDS continues to be the one of the world’s most stubborn health challenges. This is despite the interventions and enormous resources that have been directed towards its eradication. In 2015, there are approximately 36.9 million people the world over who are living with HIV, 2.6 million of who are children. Since the epidemic broke out,… Read More »

Tenvir Tablets

Tenvir is an antiviral opposite transcriptase inhibitor. It works to treat HIV disease by reducing the quantity of HIV (the virus that causes AIDS) by the body processes by blocking the capability of genital herpes to multiply. Each movie coated capsule of Tenvir includes 300 mg involving Tenofovir disoproxil fumarate which is the same as… Read More »